Friday, August 26, 2011

Honest to god discussion I just had with Chris

Via AIM:

Chris 11:49 pm
Interlaken library now has a nook that people can sign out

Chris 11:53 pm
guess mom has been thinkn about getting one

uniqueen2004 11:53 pm
cool, I guess
i wonder if these people realise they are killing books
all for the convinience of carrying 50 bazillion books all at once

Chris 11:54 pm

uniqueen2004 11:54 pm
because everyone knows that you read that many at a time
the only place I see that being genuniely useful is college students with a high-intensity reading style major, such as history or english

Chris 11:55 pm
hadn't thought of that one

uniqueen2004 11:55 pm
and then only so you don't break yourself going to and from classes with all the books
otherwise, how many books does a person really need to have on hand? honestly?

Chris 11:56 pm
is it any worse than room full of books?

uniqueen2004 11:57 pm
we are going to be telling our grandkids that we used to carry these things called "books", that had covers and the words were written on individual pages that had a wonderful, unique smell to them as you read them
yes, it is

uniqueen2004 11:57 pm
the whole point of the nook is so you have books with you whereever you go
but it can only hold so many, and lets face it, people retain stuff better when they have to turn the pages by hand
seriously, how much stuff that you;ve read online do you remember compared to how much you remember out of books?

Chris 11:59 pm
wouldn't it be great... never have to go searching for one book... you have all of them with you

uniqueen2004 11:59 pm
No, it wouldn't
I am really not an instant gratification kinda person
and how would you like to get an e-book for christmas after you get the nook?

uniqueen2004 11:59 pm
you can't see it, touch it
you can't experience it in any kind of personal way
this is the kind of this that is leading to the death of the written word

Chris 12:00 am

uniqueen2004 12:00 am
people don't see it that way. they see it as convinient

Chris 12:01 am
but it is...

uniqueen2004 12:01 am
you know what? I'm going to keep digging aruond for that one book. I'm going to keep holding the pages and smelling the paper and enjoying the full experience of reading. you can have a nook if you want

uniqueen2004 12:01 am
what do you think will happen to the written word once people don't know how to write anymore?

Chris 12:03 am
i think theyre cool, but have other issues with it... like gettn 100+ books on it and then oopps coffee spilled and its dead, gotta buy all those books again

uniqueen2004 12:03 am
Technology is all well and good, but I think we are heading in a dangerous direction. We leave nothing legible behind us anymore for future civilizations to find...

uniqueen2004 12:04 am
and what if, when everything is computerised, and we have an entire generation of people in charge who write like 5 year olds because they were never taught how to do so properly, the entire computer system crashes?

Chris 12:04 am

uniqueen2004 12:04 am
everything will be lost. records, achievments, birth and death certificates, history itself will be washed away in the tide

Chris 12:05 am
sounds like your writing the opening to a book...

uniqueen2004 12:05 am
everything after the year 2100, or whatever, will be lsot
lol, no, I just really feel like this is becoming a more and more real possibility

Chris 12:05 am
very well could be

uniqueen2004 12:06 am
think of it this way; how many people can still listen to 8-track tapes?
how many people know how to get information off a floppy disk?
how many people in 20 years will even know what a floppy disk was?

Chris 12:07 am
do you know what a punch card drive was?

uniqueen2004 12:07 am
so how much information will be lost with each update of the system, even if it never crashes?
but I damn well know what an illuminated manuscript was
so which is more important to history?

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