Friday, August 5, 2011

Breakfast Convo

Discussion between Chris and I at breakfast this morning:

Me: *glares at his plate* You disappoint me young padawan.

Chris: huh?

Me: Ruining a perfectly good muffin by dipping it it raw eggs.

Chris: It's GOOD!

Me: I was going to ask if you liked the muffin, but you wouldn't know, since you ruined it.

Chris: I will have you know that I have been dipping muffins in eggs since before you were born.

Me: Oh really? Since you were 5 huh?

Chris: yup.

Me: I highly doubt it.

Chris: Yup. That's the way Grandpa ate his eggs, so that's how I eat my eggs.

Me: Ahhh! So now I know where the disease comes from!

Chris: Disease!?

Me: Yup. The raw-egg-eating disease.

I'm pretty sure I won, since he didn't reply at all. And he had run out of runny eggs to eat.

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