Friday, August 26, 2011

Honest to god discussion I just had with Chris

Via AIM:

Chris 11:49 pm
Interlaken library now has a nook that people can sign out

Chris 11:53 pm
guess mom has been thinkn about getting one

uniqueen2004 11:53 pm
cool, I guess
i wonder if these people realise they are killing books
all for the convinience of carrying 50 bazillion books all at once

Chris 11:54 pm

uniqueen2004 11:54 pm
because everyone knows that you read that many at a time
the only place I see that being genuniely useful is college students with a high-intensity reading style major, such as history or english

Chris 11:55 pm
hadn't thought of that one

uniqueen2004 11:55 pm
and then only so you don't break yourself going to and from classes with all the books
otherwise, how many books does a person really need to have on hand? honestly?

Chris 11:56 pm
is it any worse than room full of books?

uniqueen2004 11:57 pm
we are going to be telling our grandkids that we used to carry these things called "books", that had covers and the words were written on individual pages that had a wonderful, unique smell to them as you read them
yes, it is

uniqueen2004 11:57 pm
the whole point of the nook is so you have books with you whereever you go
but it can only hold so many, and lets face it, people retain stuff better when they have to turn the pages by hand
seriously, how much stuff that you;ve read online do you remember compared to how much you remember out of books?

Chris 11:59 pm
wouldn't it be great... never have to go searching for one book... you have all of them with you

uniqueen2004 11:59 pm
No, it wouldn't
I am really not an instant gratification kinda person
and how would you like to get an e-book for christmas after you get the nook?

uniqueen2004 11:59 pm
you can't see it, touch it
you can't experience it in any kind of personal way
this is the kind of this that is leading to the death of the written word

Chris 12:00 am

uniqueen2004 12:00 am
people don't see it that way. they see it as convinient

Chris 12:01 am
but it is...

uniqueen2004 12:01 am
you know what? I'm going to keep digging aruond for that one book. I'm going to keep holding the pages and smelling the paper and enjoying the full experience of reading. you can have a nook if you want

uniqueen2004 12:01 am
what do you think will happen to the written word once people don't know how to write anymore?

Chris 12:03 am
i think theyre cool, but have other issues with it... like gettn 100+ books on it and then oopps coffee spilled and its dead, gotta buy all those books again

uniqueen2004 12:03 am
Technology is all well and good, but I think we are heading in a dangerous direction. We leave nothing legible behind us anymore for future civilizations to find...

uniqueen2004 12:04 am
and what if, when everything is computerised, and we have an entire generation of people in charge who write like 5 year olds because they were never taught how to do so properly, the entire computer system crashes?

Chris 12:04 am

uniqueen2004 12:04 am
everything will be lost. records, achievments, birth and death certificates, history itself will be washed away in the tide

Chris 12:05 am
sounds like your writing the opening to a book...

uniqueen2004 12:05 am
everything after the year 2100, or whatever, will be lsot
lol, no, I just really feel like this is becoming a more and more real possibility

Chris 12:05 am
very well could be

uniqueen2004 12:06 am
think of it this way; how many people can still listen to 8-track tapes?
how many people know how to get information off a floppy disk?
how many people in 20 years will even know what a floppy disk was?

Chris 12:07 am
do you know what a punch card drive was?

uniqueen2004 12:07 am
so how much information will be lost with each update of the system, even if it never crashes?
but I damn well know what an illuminated manuscript was
so which is more important to history?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Well. That was a fun few days...

Been home for 5 days. The short version is Fenris (my 8 year old lab mix) licked a wet oil painting, and I pulled my boob-muscle.

So, I came home on sunday for a few days off. Went up to help with the annual Fire Department Car Show. Operating on only 3 hours of sleep, I spent the entire day from 7am til 4pm setting up, selling entry tickets at the gate, walking around selling 50/50 tickets (sold almost $450 in tickets!), and tearing down. Did I mention that it started raining around 2pm? We then went home and spent the entire evening eating pizza and watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Monday consisted of me sitting around doing nothing for the morning while Chris went off to work at the cemetery. Yeah, he's a gravedigger and general groundskeeper part-time. He ended up coming home at lunchtime due to weather, and we spent the early part of the afternoon in the studio, where I worked on preparing a couple of paintings for work. We spent the latter part of the afternoon wrestling. I'm 5'4. He's 6'. I'll let you guess who won. Is it sad that I simply cannot remember what we did that evening?

When I woke up Tuesday morning, I wanted to gnaw my left arm off. But I didn't really have time to worry about it, so I dragged my clothing on while trying to not move that arm too much and headed off to work. We lost power for 2 minutes first thing, then the manager had to leave early because she was sick. Not 10 minutes after she left, we lost power again. For 45 minutes. Do you have any idea how bad it is for business to have the power go out? Then, with my arm hurting really bad, I decided to put the Pepsi order away. Note to self- when you are already hurting, don't do anything stupid to make it hurt more! Went to the Fire Department to finish up the clean-up from the car show, and guess what? I had to help move more cases of soda. It almost sounds like the world was conspiring against me. By the time I was done, the pain was so bad I was nauseous, so I went home. Chris came home and we watched Top Shot, then went to bed, where I discovered that I couldn't use my arm for anything. Such as rolling over. Sleeping on my left side was out of the question. I woke up at 3 am to pain so bad I wanted to cry.

Woke up on Wednesday to fire in my shoulder. I was barely able to get myself dressed, then walked the dogs with Chris (i.e. walked with him while he walked both dogs). I spent the day working on those paintings I had prepared to work on on Monday. Since I'm right handed, there was only mild additional discomfort involved with painting. Of course, because I hurt too mush to move, the dogs decided it was a great day for barking out the window. And once I got done painting, Fenris decided to lick the painting. Apparently, oil paint is delicious. As the day went on, however, the pain got worse and worse, to the point where I wanted to cry just sitting there. Even breathing hurt. I finally gave in and we went to convenient care.

We sat there for 3 hours before I was seen (so much for being faster than the ER), and when I was finally able to talk to a doctor, they told me what I already knew. I had strained my pectoral muscle (for the anatomically challenged, that's the big one that goes across the front of the chest). Not only had I strained it, but I had done a good enough job that it got severely inflamed, and that was what was causing the pain. They gave me a shot of Tolderol in the butt for the inflammation, prescribed me 600mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day (that's a shit ton, for those who don't know), and sent me home with the warning to not wrestle with Chris anymore.

Yeah, right. Like that's gonna happen.

Friday, August 12, 2011

This can't be happening to me!

Yeah...I just took a shower. And I found a grey hair. So not allowed! Dammit. I dye my hair just to prevent this kind of thing.


I seriously had a mini-internal meltdown while in the bathroom.

On the plus side I lost 2 pounds and was told by a customer today that there was no way I was going on 26. He seriously thought I was 18.

I had a much longer post all thought out, then forgot it by the time I sat down. Thanks, ADHD.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update: The FishStick has successfully killed all of his buddies we bought him. And now he's all stressed out again. *sigh*

In other news, is it sad that I consider it to be a success when my 2 year old lab greets someone without knocking them over? I've had her for nearly a year and a half, if that helps in the decision making.

I like to think of myself as a generally happy and bouncy individual, but I'm pretty damn depressed right now, so that's it. Not that anyone else reads this anyway, but if you do, sorry for the retardedly short and annoying post.

Fuck it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Breakfast Convo

Discussion between Chris and I at breakfast this morning:

Me: *glares at his plate* You disappoint me young padawan.

Chris: huh?

Me: Ruining a perfectly good muffin by dipping it it raw eggs.

Chris: It's GOOD!

Me: I was going to ask if you liked the muffin, but you wouldn't know, since you ruined it.

Chris: I will have you know that I have been dipping muffins in eggs since before you were born.

Me: Oh really? Since you were 5 huh?

Chris: yup.

Me: I highly doubt it.

Chris: Yup. That's the way Grandpa ate his eggs, so that's how I eat my eggs.

Me: Ahhh! So now I know where the disease comes from!

Chris: Disease!?

Me: Yup. The raw-egg-eating disease.

I'm pretty sure I won, since he didn't reply at all. And he had run out of runny eggs to eat.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcome to my humble abode!

Hey all! I've been wanting to be able to tell people about the strange things that go on in my life for a while. I found and started to read The Bloggess a while ago, and reading what she posted gave me the courage to start this blog. I really hope that you guys find my tales entertaining and interesting, and if nobody ever reads this, that's okay too.

Okay, on to the fun stuff. I have a 30 gallon fish tank, as you would know if you read my "about me" blob. In this fish tank, I used to have 3 large tropical fish. 2 of them died of natural causes (age. Seriously. I didn't kill them. I swear). The surviving one is named the FishStick. The FishStick got all depressed (no, I am not kidding. I had a fish get depressed because he was alone). The problem is, he is 12 inches and aggressive, so I can't put more fish in with him, because he will just eat them. The recommendation from the fish store?

"Buy him these cheap feeder fish, so he can eat them and you won't feel bad or like you are wasting money."

No, I am not kidding. They want me to encourage my fish's cannibalistic tendencies. But since he's a pet, and the feeder fish are not, I did it. That's right. I got my pet fish some pet fish.

We got six of them all at once. He ate one within the first 3 hours. 3 days later, we are down to 3 survivors. But now the FishStick is happy.

And that's all that matters.